Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Bot does not launch. Windows error appears 'This app can't run on this PC'

    If this is your first launch then you will have to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

    If the first option does not help or you have already launched Bot previously, then try to restart PC. If the restart does not help, then you can reinstall Bot by removing it through the control panel and reinstalling from the website

    If nothing of the above helps, then contact admins via Telegram
  • I can not register. Bot says that I already have an account

    If you have never tried to create an account or created it a long time ago and forgot the login details, then you should contact admins via Telegram
  • I can not log in Bot. Bot says "Can not work with this device'

    Typically, this problem occurs with older Bluestacks versions or when not all the settings were set according to the guide. Check the installation guide

    In rare cases there might be a failure with emulator that have worked previously. In this case try to restart emulator and Bot or restart your PC
  • I can not login the Bot. Bot says "Wrong resolution"

    You have set the wrong screen resolution. Check the installation guide
  • I can not find Summoners War in Play Store

    Usualy emulators have their pre-installed additional markets where there is a limited list of games available. Try to search for the original Play Store (it may be placed in some folders)
  • Bot is constantly trying to exit the game

    Most likely you set invalid language in game. Bot can work only with English language. Check the installation guide