Rune filter guide: Bot keeps the rune if it satisfies at least one filter

Type of rune: rune filter will be working for those types of runes that you selected
Main property: rune will be kept if any of the selected properties is present in the rune
Tip: this parameter is working only for runes in slot 2/4/6, thus you don't need to create a separate filter for runes in slot 1/3/5 and choose flat properties (DEF ATK HP). This can be all done in 1 filter
Next 2 parameters are working together. Choose which sub-properties to treat as good properties and how many of them must be present in the rune(number at least). Also you can specify minimum value of property to be considered as good. In addition you can mark sub-properties as mandatory(star icon) - which means this property(ies) must present in the rune. Lets review the example from the screenshot:
Good sub-properties: SPD, CRI Rate, CRI Dmg, ATK%
Minimum 2 of good sub-properties must be present in the rune
ATK% is mandatory
As a result this rune filter will keep these combionations: ATK% + SPD, ATK% + CRI Rate, ATK% + CRI Dmg and only if values higher than minimum values
Rune level: rune filter will be working only for those rune levels that you selected
+0: 0 - 2 levels
+3: 3 - 5 levels
+6: 6 - 8 levels
+9: 9 - 11 levels
+12: 12 and higher
Number of stars: minimum number of stars that must be present in the rune this means if you specify 5 stars this filter will also work for 6 stars runes
Rune grade: minimum rune grade that must be present in the rune this means if you specify grade Rare this filter will also work for runes grade Hero and Legend
Minimum efficiency: rune filter will be working only for runes with efficiency higher than minimum value you specified (Using Barion's Rune Efficiency Theory)
Keep in 0 if you don't want to use this parameter or not sure what it means
Rune filter will be working for those slots of runes that you selected. Blue number means that this slot is selected. In the screenshot selected slots are: 4, 6
'Predictive filter' this function allows you to reduce the number of filters created and, accordingly, reduces the chance of mistakes
This function allows you to create a filter only for the +12 runes and the bot will predict (calculate) itself whether the rune that the bot is currently checking can be pumped so that it satisfies this filter
For example, this filter will leave runes that can potentially have 22 or more SPD after pumping to +12
Checkbox in the list of filters allows you to turn off the filter, in this case such filters will not be taken into account when checking the rune
Right click on the filter opens a menu where you can delete the filter or create a duplicate of it
Arrange filters: left-click and drag to another place in the list
In rewards list you can see which filters kept this rune. Put your mouse over the rune image and you will see all the information about the rune in tooltip